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You’ll be thankful you bought a good bike pump

It's the one piece of equipment we take for granted - a bike pump.

It’s something we always take for granted – until, of course, they stop working properly or we’re out on a long ride and get a flat. A CO2 cartridge can do the trick, for sure, but if something goes wrong, it’s nice to have a back up with you when you’re an hour or two from home. At home, it’s always great to have a reliable pump on hand to get your tires up to pressure before you head out the door. We’ve reviewed a couple of each style for you that will get the job done in style – whether you’re on the road or at home.

Pro Team Floorpump Tubeless – $162

As tubeless tires become more popular, more and more people are looking to mount their tires on their rims at home. Thanks to the folks at Pro you can now do just that without having to buy a compressor for your basement or garage – the Team Floorpump Tubeless offers a two-in-one design that allows it to work as a compressor and floor pump. The AH head allows optimal air flow into your tires, while there’s a pressure release lever for tubeless tires. The heavy-duty alloy barrel matches up with the steel base for a solid, durable pump that will serve you well for years. The 11 bar pressure cannister is powerful enough for any triathlete’s bike needs.

Garneau Air Flow-g pump – $23

Weighing just 36 g and at only 210 mm in length, the Air Flow-g pump can easily fit into your pocket or a pouch behind your saddle. Made of aluminum, this pump is surprisingly sturdy considering its scant weight. You can use the Air Flow-g to get 120 psi into your tires (which you can measure thanks to the built-in gauge), more than enough to finish a training ride or race with ease. The automatic head allows you to pump up Presta or Schrader valves, too.

Fabric Picobar mini-pump – $34

Thanks to a sandblasted aluminum finish, this tiny pump that weighs just 64 g and is only 183 mm long looks as good as it works. This pocket-sized wonder can get up to 120 psi into a Presta-valve tire in rapid time, which means you’ll get back on the road quickly. The simplistic design features a push on valve and rubber dust cap, ensuring that you won’t get any gunk into the valve even in the harshest of conditions. The Picobar mini-pump is designed with one purpose in mind – to get you back on the road as quickly as possible – and it achieves that goal in style.

Specialized Air Tool Pro Floor Pump – $190

It doesn’t get much better than Specialized’s Air Tool Pro Floor Pump – this high-performance pump lives up to its pro moniker thanks to the cast aluminum handle and base and large 3” gauge. You’ll fill up your tires (up to 150 psi) in seconds thanks to the 360 cc of air provided from each stroke. The SwitchHitter II head at the end of the long 42” hose automatically switches between Schrader and Presta valves, so you can easily take care of your road and mountain bikes.