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Top Bike Trainer – CompuTrainer RacerMate One and Cadence Puck

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CompuTrainer RacerMate One Software

CompuTrainer RacerMate One Cadence Puck

It’s been a few years in the making, but it looks like the new RacerMate One Software Suite is now available. This new version provides all the CompuTrainer Software in one program – 3D, real course videos, spin scan (the new version even offers averages), multi-rider even has a link built in that will take you to the innovative Erg Videos, which are designed and made here in Canada. It is much easier to use than the previous CompuTrainer software and offers improved graphics and data capabilities. You can now build courses on the fly and your post-race data is automatically exported to training programs like Training Peaks.

The new Cadence Puck means you won’t have to fiddle with any wires to get cadence and pedaling information. It simply sits below your pedal and allows you to quickly throw your bike on the training and get all of your spin scan info. Sure, it’s not that hard to set up the cadence monitor on your bike, but once you’ve used the puck once you’ll be hooked.