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Shoe review – Ecco Biom B2 Textile

Developed through Ecco'sBiom project, an intense study of foot structure and biomechanics.

Natural Motion Running


Biom B 2.2 (Textile) $220

Developed through Ecco’s Biom project, an intense study of foot structure and biomechanics of running that involved scientists scanning more than 2,500 feet. The idea was to develop a shoe that would allow as natural a running stride as possible. This “Natural Motion” philosophy led to the development of Ecco’s Biom shoes. The idea is to allow the foot to move naturally “the way nature intended it to.”

The result of all that research is a shoe that seems to strike the perfect balance between cushioning, support and the natural running feel is becoming more and more popular these days. Ecco offers the shoes in A, B and C styles. The A series are specifically designed for runners moving about 4 minutes/ kilometer. The B version we reviewed is designed for about 6 minutes/ km but felt just fine when we tried them out at a bit faster pace. The Cs are designed for about 8 minutes/ km. Most triathletes are likely to use the Biom B for training and the Biom A for fast workouts and races.

Unlike barefoot or neutral shoes, there’s a bit of rise in the heel, which seems to provide a bit of a forward motion as you’re running in the shoe. The curved last of these lightweight shoes (they actually feel much lighter than 340 g) helps propel you forward with each stride, while the extremely flexible polyurethane sole provides just the right amount of support and cushioning to feel comfortable without hindering that easy, forward motion feel of the shoe. The air mesh textile uppers are extremely breathable, making this a great shoe for hot weather training and racing.

As wonderful as the “Natural Motion” concept sounds, though, it is important to wean yourself into these shoes slowly. Ecco offers a specially designed training program that is worth following to make sure that your feet can adapt to the natural movement. If you’re trying to move away from overly supportive shoes, the EccoBioms are well worth a look.