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Castelli Perfetto 2 Review


It was -4 C, feeling like -11 C and I had a race to get through. This was my first weekend with the Castelli Perfetto Light 2 and it was also the perfect occasion to test the limits of this jacket. For a jacket that has “Foul Weather Race Equipment” printed on its front, it was ideal testing conditions.

As somebody who constantly overheats in jackets, the idea of the short sleeve Gabba and this new short sleeve version of the Perfetto seemed like an ideal piece of apparel for the riding I do. Keeping my toes and fingers warm is a constant battle but my body and legs are usually fine until -5 C. That being said I wore this jacket out at a variety of temperatures. From 10 C and sunny to -4 C and windy in a cyclocross race, the Perfetto suited a range of conditions. There were some rainy and misty days in there as well. With the right combination of arm warmers and baselayers, I was comfortable wearing this jacket in a wide range of conditions.

When it was sunny and around 10 C a short sleeve base layer and set of arm warmers were all I needed. In the low single digits with rain the Gore Windstopper and Nano Light fabrics did an adequate job of keeping the water out and my body warm. On that ride, the only limiter was really how wet and cold my hands became.

In that windy cyclocross race a thermal base layer and regular cycling jersey underneath, plus a set of arm warmers did a great job of regulating my temperature while at race effort. It’s the use of the two different materials that I credit for this. Gore Windstopper is great for stopping the wind. That being said it isn’t the most breathable. Combined with the much more breathable Nano Light fabric on the back you get the needed breathability for when you’re riding hard. Both these materials do a good job of keeping water out, but they’re not necessarily waterproof enough to keep you dry in a torrential storm.

In terms of fit, this jacket is definitely a race cut. But it is in line with normal Castelli sizing so if you know your size with this brand then you should feel comfortable buying the same size in the Perfetto Light 2. If you’re not intimately familiar with your Castelli size, sizing up would be worth considering.

Castelli Perfetto

If you’re thinking of doing an early season race down south, this jacket can certainly help get you out the door for some real world riding during the Canadian shoulder season. Nobody wants to feel crosswinds again for the first time during a race so a piece like is necessary so you can tolerate those days when you’ll experience multiple seasons on one ride.

The Castelli Perfetto Light 2 retails for CAD$240 and is available at local Castelli dealers across Canada.