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Buyer’s Guide: Aerobars

The one piece of equipment that truly defines our sport is a mainstay on every triathlon bike. Here are some ideas on how you can spec your bike this season with an aerodynamic and comfortable bar.


When Boone Lennon developed the first triathlon aero bars his goal was to duplicate the downhill ski position for maximum aerodynamics. We’ve come a long way since those early days of the original Scott DH bar. When it comes to picking an aero bar for your triathlon ride, you want to make sure you combine optimal aerodynamics with the ability to adjust the bars for maximum comfort. There’s no point having these aero bars if you can’t stay down on them throughout your ride, right? Don’t worry, though – there are lots of options and choices available these days, so it’s not hard to find just the right bar for your racing and training needs.


Brezza II Nano $1000

This narrow bar (30 cm) is designed for those who want to improve aerodynamics by reducing their frontal area and can handle staying in such an aero position for the entire race. Carbon-fibre compact cradles and S-bend extensions are standard and meet the UCI rules on 3:1 form factor.

Zefiro Pro $525

For draft legal racers, the forearms rest on the aero wing base bar’s upper surface, while the hands and wrists fall into a natural position on the aerofoil handrest.

Aura Pro $400

An entry-level carbon-fiber bar that shares its basic architecture with 3T’s Mistral bar, but it is less adjustable. It comes with S-bend extensions, which can be swapped for other extensions. Meets UCI rules on aero form factor and is permitted in all races under UCI rules.


Aeroextend BHB-57 $340

This two-piece carbon time trial bar weighs 356 g. The 31.8 mm aluminum clamps allow for adjustment of extension length and pad angle.

Aerobar BHB-51 $110

Another two-piece aluminum bar that weighs 592 g, fit both 26.0 and 31.8 mm road handlebars and have a wide range of adjustments.


Race X Lite Carbon Aerobar $800

Featuring the Kammtail bullhorn, OCLV carbon main structure with internal cable routing, adjustable armrests and carbon extensions, this super-light bar weighs just 780 g, and has a 31.8 clamp size.

Race X Lite Clip-On Aerobar $235

These 500 g bars have internal cable routing, sculpted high compression molded carbon ski bend extensions and clamps that are suited to both 26.0 and 31.8 carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum bars.

Race Lite Aero Clip-On Aerobar $145

Wind tunnel sculpted for maximum aero efficiency, these 550 g aluminum bars utilize internal cable routing and ergonomic S-bend extensions. They fit either 31.8mm clamp diameter or 26.0mm with included shim.


Attack TT $800

The time trial bars of choice for Leanda Cave and Cameron Brown. The Attack’s fully UCI legal design weighs just 575 g and features dual internal cable routing and fully adjustable extensions and arm pads.


Corsair $950

HED’s lightest and stiffest offering (585 g including brake levers) is highly adjustable and you have your choice of Lazy S, traditional, or S bend extensions. The base bar is available in flat or 84 mm drop, compatible with Shimano’s Di2 shift/brake levers, and is compliant with the UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio rule.

Blackdog Drop $750

As the name states, it has a drop base bar for a lower, more aggressive position, along with molded ergo grips, integrated carbon brake levers with return spring and interior brake cable routing. Weighing just 630 g, you get to choose the extensions you want.

Clip Lite $325

Designed to be attached to a road bike, these 295 g bars have CNCed aluminum brackets with carbon fibre extensions (s-bend, Lazy s-bend, or ski bend) and arm cups. The armrests conveniently flip away from the handlebar tops for a “hands-on-the-top” climbing position.


Missile Evo Time TT Aerobar $1250

Weighing in at just 595 g, the Missile Evo has a full carbon aero base bar, full aero carbon extensions, internal shift cable routing and is fully compatible with Shimano’s Di2 routing or with standard mechanical derailleur and brake systems. The length can be adjusted, along with armrest width and height.

Stealth EVO Clip-On $800

Super-light at 260 grams, these monocoque carbon clip-ons get you compact and comfortable with the Twistlock fully adjustable S-bend extensions. They attach and detach quickly from any road bike equipped with Stealth EVO handlebars.

Synop Tri Clip-On $165

ITU legal, these alloy aerobars have a Fully Integrated Clamp System (FICS), 5 mm gel arm pads, fit any size handlebar and weigh 490 g.


Profile Design
Volna $885

If Batman raced triathlons, these would be his choice in aerobars. The uniquely shaped full aero carbon wing, with ergonomic brake grip areas, is definitely eye catching. It achieves this while offering fully adjustable full carbon ergonomic multiple grip extensions and F22c anatomic armrests. The Volna tips the scales at 670 g and is available in black or flashy white with gray accents.

CX3 $800
Also available in black or white, the 660 g CX3 includes a full carbon aero wing, carbon S-bend cobra extensions that allow for internal cable routing, along with rotational and length adjustments. The F22c armrests are positioned low and are fully adjustable.

T3 Plus $150

These 492 g clip-ons fit all handlebars and their multi-position drop bend 6061-T6 aluminum extensions are built for comfort. The J2 brackets lower the front end and the F19 armrests allow for width, length and rotational adjustments.


VukaAero $1,253

A full-carbon integrated aerobar that has wind tunnel optimized aerodynamics and is the only such bar that allows for the extensions to be adjusted fore-aft, vertical, rotational and angular. The VukaAero weighs 860 g with extensions, is compatible with Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 brake calipers, but is not compliant with the UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio rule – so it must be fast.

Zipp $685

VukaBull, VukaClip-On & VukaExtensions

To truly customize your fit without sacrificing strength or aerodynamics, start with the 195 g VukaBull carbon base bar ($260), attach the 390 g VukaClip ($230) with your choice of 100 g VukaExtensions (Straight, S-bend or Ski bend – $195).