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Aero road ride: the 2021 Ceepo Stinger

A lightweight, UCI-legal road frame from triathlon-specialist bike manufacturer Ceepo

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

We’ve come to know Ceepo as a triathlon-specific brand with bikes geared very specifically for road racing, but the company has also had at least a couple of different road models in its line up for years. We’ve reviewed the Ceepo tri bikes over the years and have always been impressed, so when the chance to jump on a 2021 Ceepo Stinger road bike came up, we jumped at it.

And are we glad we did. Weighing just 830 g (medium) the 2021 model weights 120 g lighter than previous versions – an impressive feat considering the bike now comes with disc brakes. For triathletes looking for a UCI-legal aero road bike for draft-legal racing, or simply an all-around machine for training and the occasional Gran Fondo, the Stinger is well worth the look.

When it comes to aerodynamics, as you can see from the photo of our review bike above, there’s not a cable in sight on this bike. The bike comes with an SMR (smart cable routing) stem from Vision/ FSA which integrates nicely with the front end of the bike so you can easily hide brake and gear cables, while using the handlebar of your choice.

The new Stinger can also accept up to 32 mm-wide tires, adding even more riding options. According to the Ceepo engineers, the added space for the wheels improves aerodynamics by smoothing out the air flow.

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A latex bladder used in the mold process results in a perfectly smooth internal surface, which eliminates imperfections and weak spots. While you can’t see it, it makes the frame considerably stiffer and lighter. Photo: Ceepo

Impressive ride

Our review bike was equipped with Shimano’s mechanical Ultegra groupset, Juin F1 disc brakes and Vision TLR 55 wheels, so it wasn’t the lightest set up you could attain, but it was still impressively light. The high-modulus carbon frame is both comfortable and incredibly responsive – the engineers have done a great job of dialing in the carbon layout so that you get the lateral stiffness you need for support, but the vertical compliance you want for a comfortable ride. Stiffness is enhanced by the one-piece fork and steerer and Ceepo has beefed up the area around the bottom bracket – you can feel those differences whether you’re climbing our hammering in and out of corners. All this makes climbing on the Stinger a lot of fun, but descending is even more of a treat thanks to the rock-solid handling even at high speeds.

Photo: Ceepo

All of which makes the Stinger a fantastic choice for a triathlete looking for a road bike for all the times they couldn’t use their tri bike. Longer day in a Gran Fondo? Check. Occasional bike race or criterium? Check. A bike tour into the Alps, Pyrenees or Rockies? Check, too. Oh, and draft-legal triathlon race? Absolutely.

Different builds of the Stinger are available. A Ceepo Stinger equipped with SRAM Force Hydraulic disc brakes, an FSA handlebar, the FSA Team 30 disc wheel set and Hutchinson Intensive tires will retail for $4,500.