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Aero road helmets for 2019

The Oakley Aro5, Bollé Furo MIPS, Briko Ventus and Lazer Bullet 2.0 MIPS offer bold and innovative second savings designs

— by Gus Alexandropoulos

Aero road helmets have gained popularity among cyclists and triathletes providing second saving designs to optimize speed. Here are four aero road helmets with bold and innovative designs to maximize aerodynamics.

Briko Ventus

With its 22 vents, the bold-looking Ventus offers an exceptional level of comfort when you’re riding in warm conditions without compromising impact protection. Briko uses its Protetto System, which further increases the helmet’s protection against lateral impacts. And yet even with this high safety level, the Ventus weighs in at a very respectable 250 g. Other details that improve safety and comfort include a sophisticated, highly adjustable harness system, in-mould construction for added day-to-day durability and reflective overlays for increased visibility in low-light conditions. MSRP: $200

Lazer Bullet 2.0 MIPS

The new Bullet 2.0 helmet improves on its predecessor’s performance by offering better cooling and increased aerodynamics. Lazer continues to use the original Bullet’s unique construction: a sliding louvre-like honeycomb vent can be kept closed for maximum aero gains or opened on-the-fly for additional venting. But in the 2.0 model, there are new, aggressive internal air channels that further improve airflow. The aerodynamic performance also gets a boost thanks to the addition of a new removable magnetically mounted lens. When not in use, the visor can be stowed on a magnetic mount on the back of the helmet. Other notable features include a dial-adjustable fit system with an integrated lEd light, MIPS construction and the ability to add an inclination sensor as well as the LifeBeam heart-rate monitor. MSRP: $380

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Oakley Aro5

With its rounded aero shape and extensive vent system (four large vents and a scoop up front with two smaller rear vents), the Oakley Aro5 offers a substantial level of wind-cheating performance without compromising the airflow necessary required for warm-weather riding. Oakley has spec’d a Boa dial system that allows for easy fit adjustment. The addition of a MIPS liner provides additional impact protection if you are involved in a crash. Oakley is renowned for its eyewear, so it’s not surprising that the company has sculpted the front vents carefully so that they can accommodate a wide range of sunglasses easily. MSRP: $330

Bollé Furo MIPS

Inspired by the aerodynamics and roll-cage technology found in high-performance automobiles, Bollé has created the Furo MIPS. The helmet features a truncated-airfoil design that significantly reduces wind resistance. Bollé also incorporates a NACA duct, a recessed inlet that delivers exceptional ventilation while improving aero performance. Ventilation can be further fine-tuned thanks to the helmet’s removable shell segments. Bollé’s unique Roll Cage construction, in conjunction with a MIPS liner, delivers impressive impact protection during unexpected dismounts. A secure and easy-to-use retention system and a sunglasses dock round out the features on this innovative aero road helmet. MSRP: $300