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A new triathlon brand is here – are you BornBound?

We are all born with a purpose. We are all bound to a journey. What are you born bound to do?

Photo by: BornBound

With so many high-end options available for triathletes, a company entering the triathlon apparel market right now might struggle to make their mark. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though, for a new American company that has just launched some impressive multisport gear that features state of the art fabrics, unique designs and a unwavering drive to find the perfect fit. Welcome to the world of BornBound.

“They have had a relentless pursuit of excellence in the design of the clothing,” says triathlon coach Mark Saroni. “They earned my respect – they wanted to get it right, and legitimately listened to my concerns during the development of the trisuit and running gear.”

Saroni, the head coach of Texas-based Paragon Training, has been involved in the sport since 2003. A former track and cross-country athlete turned pro triathlete, Saroni brings lots of experience to the mix when it comes to both coaching and evaluating equipment needs. He and his wife Allison were an integral part of the testing process with the new BornBound products, and both have become a passionate supporters of the new company.

“The exclusive material in the upper of the trisuit allows an incredible amount of range of motion without any issues with the arms riding up,” Saroni says of the Skärvatten long-sleeve trisuit. “The way the overall suit fits, it’s the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn.”

Both Mark and Allison have spent a lot of time wearing the new gear, and both were more than a little impressed – they’ll have no qualms encouraging their athletes to run, bike and swim in the BornBound clothing.

“The running stuff is super lightweight, and it hangs perfectly,” Saroni continues, referring to the Rekord shorts, T-Shirts and Singlets.

BornBound has also developed their own Vann Swim Goggle and Swim Cap.

BornBound – a notion of destiny

“We are all born with a purpose. We are all bound to a journey. What are you born bound to do?”

The name BornBound relates to a notion of destiny, or something within us that, with work, can be achieved. For example, many of us are born compelled to be triathletes.

“I am beyond excited to announce the launch of Born Bound, a premium triathlon clothing brand,” says founder Kyle Dagan. We felt compelled to create a brand built by passionate athletes with the purpose of allowing individuals to go after their personal journey.”

Dagan has put together a team of keen endurance athletes – triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers – who also have a long history of developing products for sports.

“We felt compelled to put all our experience into making premium triathlon products, while we utilize and develop sustainable manufacturing techniques, fabrics, and materials,” Dagan continues.

We can look forward to more high-end and sustainable products from the company in the coming months, but for now triathletes can enjoy the impressive running, triathlon and swim equipment that is now available.

This story is presented by BornBound.