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$6,000 aero bars? Custom bars used by the pros

In search of even more speed, some pros (and speed-hungry age groupers) are turning to custom-made bar systems

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

To optimize performance and aerodynamics, many professional triathletes use custom aerobars. Some bars are designed with 3D printers or carbon molds. There are also several companies that sell high quality aerobars that can be customized to the length and shape of your forearms.

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These custom aeros bars help improve aerodynamics since there is no space between the forearms and the bars, unlike standard aero extensions. Also, the majority of these custom aerobars have high armrests on the side, which allows for more comfort and better control of the bike.

Custom aero bars:

Radsport Ibert

We don’t know too much about the bar that Sebastian Kienle used at Challenge Daytona last year, but we do know it’s a new bar from Radsport Ibert in Germany!


Lucy Charles finishes the bike at the Ironman World Championship with a lead of almost eight minutes.

Triathlete Lucy Charles uses the Speedbar.


Photo: Courtesy Professional Triathletes Organisation

$ : unknown

Frenchman Vincent Luis has fitted his Specialized Shiv with a personalized cockpit from the Spanish brand Uniqo.

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Sync Evo tri extensions


These bars from the Australian company Sync Ergonomics are created with a 3D scan to optimize aerodynamics. Sync Ergonomics also sell non-personalized aero bars at a much more affordable price, such as the Project 0.2 EVO Ecosystem bars ($819).

Pinarello Talon TT

$ : unknown

The Ineos Grenadiers team time trial bikes feature custom bars designed from a 3D scan of each athlete and the bars are made of titanium. The price is unknown, but we can be assume that these personalized aero bars must cost a fortune!

Non-custom, personalized aero bars

Aerocoach Vantaggio titanium custom aerobar extensions

Aerocoach is a British company that sells aero bars, clothing and wheels. These aero bars were notably used by Filippo Ganna when he broke the world record in the 4000 m pursuit.


$2,700 $ (Anemoi aero extension system)

$7,000 +  (Anemoi Olympic Edition Pentaxia Cockpit)

Wattshop is another English company that sells aero bars as well as provide velodrome testing services. The Anemoi Olympic Edition Pentaxia is used by track cyclists and, according to Wattshop, saves 36 watts at 64 km / h. The Anemoi aero extension system is much less expensive and is sold in two versions, the UCI legal version and the Non-UCI version (for triathlon).

Zipp Vuka Shift AXS 90


Zipp Vuka Shift AXS 90 aero bars are integrated SRAM Red or Force eTap AXS bars that integrates the electronic shifting right into the bars, so there are no wires or buttons to add.