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2021 Holiday gift guide: Two-wheeled toys

Everything from a Zwift membership to a new bike - we've got you covered this holiday season

There’s nothing triathletes love to do more than tinker with their bikes and riding gear. Whether it’s adding something new to their ride, coming up with something that will make getting out more comfortable, or a gadget that will make them faster, triathletes love their two-wheeled stuff. Which is why we’ve got lots of gift options for you to choose from:

Garmin Edge 530

This relatively small unit packs quite a punch, providing way more than the basics like speed, distance and power. You get extensive mapping capabilities, the ability to sync structured workouts with ease, the ability to track any performance metric you want, and an impressive 20 hours or riding before you need to recharge the battery. The Edge 530 will even evaluate your recent activity and give you feedback on whether or not you’re training correctly, and can even provide guidance on how well you’re acclimating to heat and altitude. The computer will even give you insights on how your performance changes based on changes to your position, bike set up and more. Yes, you’re right – this isn’t a computer, it doubles as a really smart coach, too.

Pro Stealth Carbon Saddle


Designed for riders who like an aggressive, forward, position on the bike (can you say triathlete?) this super-light saddle is perfect for those who are looking to ride in an aero tuck, but are still looking for a more traditional saddle shape. Available in 142 and 152 mm widths, the large anatomic recessed area in the centre of the saddle reduces pressure so you’ll stay comfortable. Thanks to the immoulded carbon polymer base and carbon rails this saddle isn’t just comfy – at 172 g it’s light, too.

Castelli Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve 


Everyone in the world of cycling knows the name Castelli, and for good reason — the Italian brand has produced top-of-the-line gear for more than a century. The company has added to its lineup of premium cycling clothing with the Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve, a jacket designed to get triathletes and cyclists through windy and wet cold-weather rides. The jacket isn’t only good for cold days, though, as it doesn’t have built-in insulation, making it a great option for moderate weather, too. 

So if there’s no insulation, then how is this a good jacket for cycling in the cold? It provides excellent protection from wind and water, all while remaining extremely breathable. Fall and winter riding can be so unpredictable, which makes the Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve the best option for any cyclists who insist on getting out no matter the conditions.

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Specialized HyprViz Soft Air Reflective Tall Socks


These colourful socks aren’t just extremely comfortable – they also offer excellent reflectivity so you’ll be seen on the road. The super-soft Soft Air yarns are very light and soft, while the PowerBand mid-foot arch provides support exactly where your foot needs it. There’s also a vented mesh toe channel to help keep things cool. Add to that the Hyper Green yarns that are paired with reflective trim and you have an extremely comfortable sock that helps keep you safe as the sun goes down.

Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ Disc

$14,500 (SRAM Red eTap AXS)

Pulling out all the stops, Argon 18 has come up with a disc-braked speedster in the latest edition of the E-119 Tri+ Disc. The bike offers an outstanding balance of aerodynamics, light weight and agile handling. You get a bike that a pro cyclist could push to the limit that also keeps triathletes happy as they push for long distances on their aero bars. Highlighting this speedster is a Matt Steinmetz-designed cockpit that offers lots of versatility and adjustability, so you’ll be able to dial in an outstanding aero position that you’ll be able to hold no matter how long the ride. 

Hunt Aerodynamicist 52


Triathletes looking for a rim-braked wheel option will do very well to check out the Aerodynamicist – we’re suggesting the 52 mm version because it is simply an outstanding, all-around wheel that provides excellent aerodynamics and performance. Stiff exactly where you want it to be, this wheel will serve you well on the steepest of climbs and get you down like a rocket on the descents. The shallower depth will be perfect for windier conditions, or lighter riders who can’t afford to go with a deeper rim in tough cross winds. The Ceramic Speed bearings in the hub help keep the ride both silky smooth and fast.

Shimano Dura Ace Di2 R9200

Chainrings $1,820, Derailleurs: Front $560, Rear $1,010, Rim Brake Lever Set: $970, Disc Brake Lever Set: $680 each (left and right), Cassette: $445

The big news is that Shimano’s flagship Gruppo now offers 12 speeds and a new wireless format that makes shifting faster. The new system still sees the derailleurs wired to the battery, but the new wireless shifters allow for the ultimate in streamlined cockpit set up. The new Hyperglide+ shifting technology also smooths out shifting and makes it even more precise. There’s also a new braking system that is quieter, easier to maintain and provides added control. Shimano is also offering revamped wheelsets to the new Dura Ace line up – something we’ll be looking forward to checking out in the new year.

4iiii Precision Power Meters


4iiii’s Canadian-made power meter uses the company’s patented Strain Gauge technology to deliver power measurement with excellent accuracy and reliability. The added bonus is you get all that in a package that’s considerably less expensive than other crank-paced options. The lightweight, durable power meter is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart head units. 

Bontrager Circuit Cycling Rain Jacket


This new jacket from Bontrager is perfect for cyclists who want to pack a jacket for some added protection on rainy days. The water-resistant fabric will keep you dry if you get caught in the rain. It’s self-packable into a zippered side pocket and has an innovative two-way AquaGuard zipper that will keep water out, but allow you to easily access your jersey pocket for a gel or some other food. There are special cutouts to ensure you get lots of ventilation, while the internal audio routing means you can keep listening while wearing the jacket, too. Add in a drop-tail design to keep things covered while you’re hunched over the bars and you have a complete package. 

POC Ventral Air Spin NFC Helmet 


As the team at POC describes it, “this is the helmet that can speak for you when you can’t.” What do they mean by that? The Ventral Air Spin NFC is equipped with a twICEme NFC Medical ID and, if you ever suffer a crash and require outside assistance, your records and personal information can be accessed simply by placing a smartphone over your helmet. Thanks to this technology, even if you’re unconscious, anyone can find critical information on you as they work to get you help. 

Other than the Ventral Air Spin NFC’s safety features for emergency situations, it’s also a great helmet in general. It was designed with airflow in mind, with strategic ventilation that allows for extreme cooling on rides while still providing optimal aero performance. Stay fast and stay safe with this innovative helmet from POC. 

Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer 


Triathletes familiar with Wahoo will know about the KICKR Smart Trainer, but the company has released a new and updated version of the machine. The trainer now features KICKR Axis feet, which allow you to shift from side to side, just like you would while cycling on the road. Cyclists can get up to five degrees of movement from these Axis feet, but their stiffness can be adjusted so they fit each individual athlete perfectly, depending on your riding style. The trainer also connects to the Wahoo app, meaning you’ll have data at your fingertips throughout every workout. The KICKR Smart Trainer is a great option for anyone looking into indoor riding this winter, and it will provide you with a great and smooth ride every day, helping you keep fit and fast all year.

Zwift Membership  


Most runners and cyclists out there can’t stand training indoors. The stationary bike, trainer and treadmill are all great options to fit in workouts and maintain your fitness throughout the winter, but they can make for some of the most miserable workouts you’ll endure all year long. For many athletes, this is simply due to the boredom they experience while running or riding in place. With Zwift, that boredom has disappeared for runners and cyclists around the world. 

Run and ride with athletes from across the globe, participate in group workouts and compete in virtual races. Say goodbye to the days of dreading your trainer spins or treadmill trots and say hello to a new indoor experience that will have you not just putting up with your workouts, but looking forward to them, all thanks to Zwift.

Cervélo Áspero Gravel Bike

$5,300 – $8,400

Road bikes are great, but they can be limiting. There are so many roads out there that are too bumpy or rough for your road or tri bike, which is exactly why Cervélo’s new Áspero gravel bikes are ideal for any cyclists looking to add to their route options. The team at Cervélo has released multiple models of the Áspero, ranging from the Apex 1 Disc (which starts at $4,000) up to the Force Etap AXS 1 Disc (starting at $8,400). Each of the eight available models (one of which is just the frame) are all-carbon, and the seven full bikes offered come with disc brakes. These bikes are built for adventure, and their stiff and tough makeups will allow you to find amazing routes and forge new trails every time you head out the door.