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12 podcasts to tune into

Podcasts are an excellent way to get information and stay entertained when commuting or training. Here are 12 suggestions for podcasts on triathlon, training and healthy living:

Purple Patch Podcast

Hosted by Matt Dixon, triathlete, author and founder of Purple Patch Fitness, Dixon shares interviews with amateur and professional athletes and discusses topics such as nutrition and recovery. He coaches several professional triathletes including Chelsea Sodaro and Sam Appleton.

Triathlon Swimming with Tower 26

If your resolution for 2019 is to become a better swimmer, you must subscribe to this podcast. Gerry Rodrigues and Jim Lubinski discuss several topics related to swimming such as When to introduce a change of technique into your swimming style or How to optimize your swimming in Kona.

Kona Kamps

Hosted by Carla McKay and Angela Naeth, the two interview age-group women in Ironman-distance races around the globe and share training, recovery, coaching and nutrition tips.

Photo: Pearl Izumi and iracelikeagirl

Taren Triathlon Podcast & Triathlon TrainiASK

You’ve probably heard of Taren Triathlon. He’s everywhere! On Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and now he has not one, but two podcasts: the Taren Triathlon Podcast and the TrainiASK Triathlon. In his podcast the Taren Podcast Triathlon he has interviews with professional triathletes, amateur triathletes and other personalities in the world of triathlon. In his podcast Triathlon TrainiASK, he answers questions from the audience. Each episode has a duration of fewer than 10 minutes.

Babbittville Radio

You probably know all Bob Babbitt. He is the co-founder of Competitor Magazine and the Challenged Athletes Foundation. He has been present at all Ironman world championship events since 1980 and knows pretty much everything about triathlon. Each episode has an average duration of 40 minutes and includes chats with professional triathletes or other personalities from the world of triathlon.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll has participated in several Ultraman events, but his podcast channel has little to do with triathlons. The Rich Roll Podcast is focused on health and wellness. He talks to athletes like Alex Honnold and David Goggins, as well as experts in the health and wellness field.

The Dr. Greg Wells Podcast

Known to most Canadians for his “Superbodies” segment during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Dr. Greg Wells hosts a podcast to share the latest in research to help you live a high-performance life. Dr. Wells and his guests provide simple, but transformative strategies to boost your mental and physical health, advance your career and upgrade your life.

The Triathlon Preview Show

Who will win in Kona this year?

Zach Miller and Emily Cocks discuss the triathlons that will take place and give predictions about the winners of these races.

YogiTriathlete Podcast

Jess and BJ Gumbowski are two triathletes and yogis who share their passion for sport and well-being. They have great energy and are always positive. This is the podcast you need if you feel a little discouraged or unmotivated.

WITSUP women in triathlon

WITSUP is much more than a podcast. It’s a media platform (website, videos and podcast) dedicated solely to women’s triathlon. WITSUP was created to offer more visibility to women in the world of triathlon. In their podcast, they talk with professional triathletes, and on their website, we find articles on training, nutrition and more.

Podcast du Triathlete

Antoine Desroches and JP Leclerc host a podcast in French dedicated mainly to the world of triathlon, but also the world of endurance sport. They do interviews and discuss news in the world of triathlon.

Antoine Desroches

Finding Mastery: conversations with Michael Gervais

Dr. Michael Gervais is a psychologist specializing in high performance. He works with top athletes like Felix Baumgartner who jumped out of space, players from the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), as well as musicians, artists and CEOs from big companies. Gervais talks to people who perform at a high level to better understand how they perform at this level and how they handle the pressure.