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Zwift-ing with Lionel Sanders

Check out the details from the Zwift group workout that Lionel Sanders led yesterday

On Wednesday, Lionel Sanders hosted a group workout session on popular virtual training platform Zwift, and had enormous success. Over 300 riders tuned in from all around the world online to ride with the ITU Long Distance World Champion and Kona runner-up, in a workout of his design. Sanders opted for a “bread and butter”, 70-minute mid-week interval workout that he completes regularly. Here’s a look at it:

  • 20min warm up
  • 6 x 3min at 105% FTP w. 1min recovery
  • 5 x 1min at 115% FTP w. 1min recovery
  • 6 x 30sec at 130% FTP w. 1min recovery
  • 4 x sprint (~10 pedal strokes)ย 

Zwift is great for triathletes of all levels — thanks to the Group Workout function, everyone can ride at their own FTP but complete the workout at the same time.

Athletes can regularly find the pros training in real-time on Zwift, thanks to identification on riders. As an increasingly popular training option, Zwift is becoming popular worldwide and among athletes of all levels including the professional ranks of cycling and triathlon.

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