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Workout Wednesday | Steady bike intervals

When I think of doing intervals on the bike, I always think about short max effort intervals. When you are doing longer distance triathlons though, it is important to add longer race pace efforts into your training. The best thing about bike workouts is that you can incorporate intervals into longer rides and it not only helps with your endurance and strength, but your longer rides go by a lot faster.

The following bike session is best to do during a three hour ride so that you have a sufficient amount of time to warm up and cool down. The intervals are meant to be at your goal half distance pace (or higher) and you will definitely get tired by the end. If it is the beginning of the season for you, start out at full distance pace and build into the set so that the last interval is at your goal half distance pace. If you can go harder on the last interval, then go for it!

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Warm up: 30 minutes with 5 x 30-60 second hard efforts
  • Main Set: 4 x (20 minutes at goal half distance pace with 10 minutes easy in between each interval).
  • Down: 30 minutes