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Workout Wednesday: Big gear bike intervals

A perfect workout to introduce in your early season and keep up throughout the year to build and maintain strength

Credit: Matt Green

Big gear intervals are a great workout to incorporate into your schedule, especially during the beginning part of your season. They are great for building up specific leg strength and can be done either on the trainer, on a flat road, or on a road with a slight incline.

You want to make sure that you have a low cadence (55-60 rpm) and that you keep a smooth pedal stroke instead of mashing on the pedals.  Your big gear interval should be hard, so I like to push my 70.3 power (you will definitely start off easier than this, but work towards goal 70.3 power).


  • This can be done either in a 90 minute workout or in the middle of a longer ride (I like to do BG intervals in the middle of a 3 hour trainer ride).
  • Warm up 20 minutes (with some hard 30 second spins towards the end)
  • 3x (15 minute BG and 5 minute easy). *Big Gear at 70.3 watts
  • Cool down 10 minutes