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Workout Wednesday: Fast start 100s

A swim set from coach AJ Baucco.

Since race season is almost here for the majority of North America, it is important to start doing workouts that simulate race day. Since the swim comes first, it is most important to simulate this part of your race. I start doing race simulations in the pool months before I start racing. I want to be sharp enough to start the race without going “too anaerobic”. This is something that needs to be practiced. If all your swims are progressive in nature, your race start is going to be a massive shock to the system. This specific workout is best done in the 1-4 weeks leading into competition.

What You Need:  Buoy, Paddles

Warm Up

Do not do any swimming for your warm up. Loosen up like you would on race morning. Stretch on deck, use swim cords, do arm circles, etc. Most triathlons don’t allow you to get into the water for a warm up. Since this is reality for most races, we need to practice starting hard without doing a proper swim warm up.

Main Set

3 x 100m ALL OUT pull on :30 rest

12 x 100m tempo swim on :15 rest

Cool Down

2 x 500m aerobic pull with paddles on :30 rest

Total = 2500 meters

AJ Baucco is an established long course professional triathlete from Cleveland, Ohio. He founded AJ Baucco Coaching LLC, which currently coaches nearly 50 age group triathletes from all over the country. He also runs an age group triathlon team called the “Baucco Squad”. In 2014, AJ Baucco was crowned the first ever Kona (Beer Mile) Champion. He has since been given legendary status on the Big Island.

Contact – ajbaucco@gmail.com

Websites – www.baucco.com, www.ajbcoaching.com, www.bauccosquad.com

Twitter – @irunshirtless

Instagram – @ajbaucco