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Workout Wednesday: Endurance jump-outs

Incorporate strength into your swimming - and keep your heart rate high - with jump-outs.

“Jump-outs” are an easy way to add the strength directly into your swim program without the need for equipment. All you need is a swimsuit and goggles, and you can do it at any pool which makes it perfect for travellers. The added dynamic of getting out of the pool and doing a new exercise strengthens joints, works new muscles and keeps the heart rate up.

The goal of jump-outs is added effort, not overwhelming effort that sinks your swimming. You can do jump-outs as repeats or, as we have for this session, you can do them for a time period. As you improve, your distance or the number of reps you do will increase, so you can easily measure your progress.

You can choose from a range of jump-out exercises. Push-ups are strongly recommended¬†but lunges or abdominal work are great too. The scope is limitless and by changing the activity you choose or doing combinations as you improve, you’ll continue to strengthen and stimulate the body.

Start with five repeats of your jump-out exercise during your first session. Even if this is comfortable after your first 10 minute set, keep in mind tat you have another two to go — the effort all adds up. As you become stronger and fitter, increase the reps. You’re doing great when you get to 20.

The workout:

  • 10 min easy swimming
  • 3 x 10 min sustained moderate to hard effort, jump-outs at every 50 m
  • 3 min recovery interval
  • 10 min easy swimming

Initially your arms and legs may feel very heavy, which makes the swim part of this session feel difficult. Your heart rate will be high as you fold the strength workout directly into an endurance session. This combination is especially effective for triathlon swimming, which requires you lift your head to sight landmarks or to climb from the water as you exit the swim.