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Workout Wednesday: Cody Beals’ race-specific under-over 2K swim set

A half-distance race prep swim set from 70.3 star Cody Beals.

This week’s Workout Wednesday is a swim set shared by Cody Beals:

“Here’s a 2k main set that I like to do leading up to 70.3 races. This set includes pace changes designed to simulate the dynamic and tactical nature of 70.3 swims at the pro level. These swims typically feature a very fast start followed by occasional surges around turn buoys and other random pace changes. The challenge of this set is recovering from the surges above threshold while swimming just a little below threshold. For an added challenge, throw in some sighting practice!

150 @ 2:00 – 1st 50 fast
150 @ 2:00 – 2nd 50 fast
150 @ 2:00 – 3rd 50 fast
50 easy @ 1:30

These are my pace times for short course meters. You can modify the set to suit your needs, allowing no more than 10 seconds rest at the wall after each 150. Have fun!”