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Workout Wednesday: Biking is back in Lanzarote

A training mecca for some of the world's premier triathletes, cyclists were thrilled to hit the roads once again after a three-day "calima."

After three days of a major sandstorm called a “calima” brought training on the Canary Island of Lanzarote to a standstill, things got back to normal on Tuesday. We celebrate the return of sunny days in Lanzarote with bike photos from the island.

Alesandro Degaspari and Emilio Aguayo on the road near Club La Santa last October. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

Renowned for the tough biking conditions, Lanzarote has become a go-to destination for many of Europe’s top professional triathletes over the years. Ironman world champion Anne Haug was on the island staying at Club La Santa for an extended training camp in December and three-time Kona runner up, Lucy Charles, regularly trains at Club La Santa, too.

Most athletes found themselves staying indoors over the weekend, though, when a fierce sand storm hit the island – hurricane level winds and high levels of dust in the air made training extremely difficult.

Alesandro Degasperi rides past Club La Santa. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon
Emilio Aguayo rides past Club La Santa. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon
Degasperi is a two-time Ironman Lanzarote champion. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon
Aguayo is another regular on the island and Club La Santa, using the harsh training to build a base for his summer racing. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

Just before the “Calima” arrived we were able to get these shots during a photo shoot for Dare2Tri. Photos: Kevin Mackinnon