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Wildflower Triathlon cancelled for foreseeable future


The iconic Wildflower Triathlon has been cancelled for 2017 due to drought in the central California area in which it is located.

The race, which has often been credited as one of the most important in the sport’s formative years, has historically hosted thousands of athletes for its Olympic distance, long course and MTB races taking place over one weekend. Known as “the Woodstock of triathlon”, Wildflower was unique in that participants would camp in the area over the race weekend, creating a festival-like atmosphere that developed a loyal following over the years.

According to race organizer Terry Davis, the drought in the area has had a significant impact on the race over recent years. The drought caused the reservoir, where the swim was traditionally held, to drain which led to fewer competitors turning up each year.
“When the drought is over and the water levels are normal,” said Davis, “we hope to return The Wildflower Triathlon back to the iconic event that it was and is.”

Six-time race winner Jesse Thomas expressed his disappointment over social media yesterday.

“Incredibly sad to hear this news of Wildflower Triathlon” he wrote on his Facebook page. “My heart goes out to Terry and the Tri-California Events crew who put their lives into this race. It has and will be an incredibly important event to the sport and so many others. Obviously, I can’t overstate the impact the race and the Davis family has had on my career and life. I sincerely hope they can resurrect it post drought, but if not, it will live on in the memories of thousands of athletes as an incredible event built on heart and soul.”

Several other pros shared Thomas’s sentiment.