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Wildflower star: Catching up with Andrew MacNaughton

Andrew MacNaughton sits on the stairs near the start of the Wildflower Triathlon where previous winners are commemorated.

He was the first person to win a triathlon on aero bars. He was also the first Canadian to win the prestigious Wildflower Triathlon – one of only three Canadians to win the race along with Peter Reid and Samantha McGlone, who along with MacNaughton, also won three times.

By the time MacNaughton decided to hang up his bike in 1993 he’d won 32 races, competed in 15 different countries and had changed the nature of the sport – no one rode a bike like MacNaughton, who routinely led some of the best in the world into T2.


MacNaughton would go on to coach, amongst others, Simon Whitfield and Jasper Blake.

Triathlon Magazine Canada editor caught up with MacNaughton recently for a chat.