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What is Major League Triathlon?

The vision of the league and how you can be part of the action

The Major League Triathlon (MLT) is the first and only professional triathlon circuit in North America. The format attracts many of North America’s best male and female ITU triathletes.

Daniel Cassidy, CEO and Founder of MLT, says the vision of MLT is to build the sport. “Our mission is that by focusing on the elite level, we can bring triathlon into the mainstream of North American sport,” says Cassidy. Triathlon is a unique sport, it allows those of all ages and abilities to compete on the same course and get outside a be active. Cassidy says, “We hope that by increasing the entertainment value of professional racing (teams competing against each other and race format), we will grow the sport and get more people outside and doing triathlons.”

Dominika Jamnicky, team member of Toronto Freeze.

The race format for MLT is a mixed relay. With the inclusion of the mixed relay in the 2020 Olympics, not only does this race appeal to those watching with its non-stop action, but the athletes want to be part of the league so they can get race experience. Each team member races on a 300m swim course, followed by a 4-mile looped bike course, finishing with a mile run before tagging their next teammate. With the short distances, the racing is fast and unpredictable.

The league has been growing of late, in the past six months, three new teams have been added, including Toronto Freeze. Also joining the league this year are the Gold Coast Tritons (Australia) and the Gaurdianes de Guadalajara (Mexico). The growth MLT has seen in the past year is a testament to the sport’s growth and vision of seeing the league attract international athletes. Cassidy compares its growth to other major sports leagues, “If we look at the big sports in North America they have their teams here, but they attract athletes and fans from all over. We see this growth due to the inclusion of relay in the Olympics and national federations looking to qualify teams.”

Taylor Forbes, Toronto Freeze team member. Credit: @au_forbes

Like any other sports league, MLT is trying to build a fan base so that you can follow your favourite athletes and teams. All the races will be streamed on their Facebook page. Also, this year MLT has introduced the ambassador team made up of age group athletes across North America. The team was created in the effort to spread the word of MLT and grow the sport. “The more mainstream the pros get, the more people will get into it,” says Cassidy.

The first race of the MLT season is this weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The teams will swim in the Atlantic Ocean, bike and run up and down the boardwalk, and finish along the beach. Watch the race on the MLT Facebook page and see the Toronto Freeze compete in New Jersey.