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Welcome to the Life of Tri podcast

Triathlon Magazine Canada has partnered with Australian triathlon journalist Phil Wrochna for a new podcast series, The Life of Tri.

Australia’s Phil Wrochna begins his new podcast series with an chat with the always-entertaining Josh Amberger, the sport’s fastest swimmer.

Josh Amberger leads the way onto the bike course after the day’s fastest swim at the 2019 Ironman World Championship. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

The founder of Firstoffthebike.com, Phil Wrochna, has been one of Australia’s premier triathlon journalists for over 15 years. He’s partnered with Triathlon Magazine Canada to start a new podcast called “The Life of Tri.” Today we bring you the first podcast in the series, Wrochna’s chat with Australian swim star Josh Amberger.

So click on the link below to listen to the chat.

You can also find the Life of Tri podcast on Spotify or iTunes.

Amberger is renowned as the sport’s fastest swimmer, having led the way out of the water at the Ironman World Championship. He’s also renowned as one of the sport’s funniest pros – here’s how we described his post-race comments after his day in Kona last year:

When it comes to post-race reports from those who experienced tough days at the Ironman World Championship, Josh Amberger definitely wins the “most entertaining” award for his race recap. Any report that includes quips like:

“Clavel takes lead. Clavel supertucks. Clavel supertuck pedals. Clavel superwhatthef@#%. You’re going to die, mate.”


“Pace hotter than Bob Babbitt’s chair during a 6 hour breakfast sit at Huggo’s” is well worth the read.