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Weekend viewing: Two Fast – the passion that grips two of Ironman’s greatest racers

Between them Daniela Ryf and Natascha Badmann have won 10 Ironman titles. A look at the passion that makes them champions.

Red Bull TV offers up a compelling documentary that follows Swiss Ironman legends Daniela Ryf and Natascha Badmann as they prepare to take on the Ironman World Championship.

Daniela Ryf at the Ironman World Championship press conference.

Were it not for a horrific bike crash, Natascha Badmann might have won in Kona more that the six times she took the Ironman World Championship. Her stellar career saw her race well into her 40s, making her one of the sport’s most successful and durable competitors. Her success would set the stage for Daniela Ryf’s domination of the Ironman World Championship for the last half-decade – while she was hampered by sickness at last year’s race, she has a runner-up finish and four wins to her credit.

Natascha Badmann

It seems all too appropriate, too, that we promote this film this weekend as Badmann won all of her Ironman titles as a mom – making her one of the most successful of a bunch of successful super moms in triathlon.

Watch the 40-minute documentary at: https://www.redbull.com/us-en/films/two-fast-1