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WATCH: Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control trainer test

We review the power trainer with accompanying app which features over 200 workouts

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/QYvFu17izsY”]

Our test of the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control trainer was a hard 35-minute interval workout using the Kinetic Fit app. The Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control is a power trainer with an accompanying app which has over 200 workouts for the user to choose from. The app provides riders an interactive platform that helps them get the most out of their workouts.

Power is measured using a resistance unit in the trainer which also provides an estimate of speed and cadence. With a bluetooth sensor, the trainer can be easily paired with any IOS or Android device allowing the user to train with the Kinetic Fit app.

The trainer has a wide and stable base allowing the user to move the bike naturally beneath them while riding out of the saddle and sprinting. Using a spring mechanism that is adjustable, the trainer floats freely which requires the rider to balance the bike activating core muscles that would otherwise be dormant on a stationary trainer.

The app features 24 training plans and 200 built-in workouts which will be customized based off your FTP (Functional Threshold Power). The structured, interval based workouts range in time from 30 minutes to up to three hours. The power targets help you stay engaged, making the time pass faster and get better results from your workout.

The trainer comes with a floor mat designed to be vibration dampening and protects your floor from sweat. The app can also be sync with The MSRP on the trainer is $1,130.