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Watch IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant live here

The swim features a point to point 3.8K swim, from the Beach & Tennis Club to Parc Plage. Then on the bike, the athletes will navigate the two-lap bike course featuring Montée Ryan, Route 117, Labelle and Chemin Duplessis. It’s then two-laps of 21.1K for the run before the triathletes cross the tape.

The race will stream on the Facebook IRONMAN now page and will be viewed by millions around the world. Facebook’s livestream of IRONMAN Lake Placid drew in over 2,500,000 views on July 22nd. Hosts of the commentary will be Ironman world champion Greg Welch, three-time Ironman world champion Michael Lovato and three-time Ironman champion Debe Griesbauer.