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VIDEO: Workout Wednesday with Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/nHU3e9Yx3Jw”]

For this week’s Workout Wednesday, TMC contributor and pro triathlete Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches has filmed his bike workout to give you a little extra motivation. This session will take about 90 minutes but could be shortened if you’re pressed for time be cutting down the long warm-up.

Here it is:

90 min in total

30 min w-up

4 x (2 min over pace- 3 min easy)

20 min easy

5 x (1 min over pace – 2 min easy)

5 min easy

“This is a workout I like to do many times throughout the year so I get an idea of my current fitness level. There’s plenty of rest between the intervals and between the two parts of the workout so that you can really push yourself. I like to go really easy in the recovery to recover as much as possible and be able to push during the intervals. For instance, if I go at 410 to 430 watts in the intervals I might go as low as 120 to 125 watts in the recovery and pedal with a high cadence to recover. Once the racing season is getting close, it’s even more important to do the intervals in your triathlon position. Obviously you can add parts do this workout, for instance 5 x (30 sec ALL OUT- 1 min easy) at the end and/or add a 20 min tempo just after the warm-up.”