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VIDEO: Lionel Sanders shares monster training day ahead of ITU World Championships

Day 6 of a seven-day training block ahead of the long course world championships in Penticton, B.C. for the Windsor-based Ironman champion.

Lionel Sanders shares a day in the life during a heavy training build in this video he posted on Youtube on Sunday. The Ironman champion explains that he is currently on day six of his seven-day training block. He talks about how his training has changed and become more sustainable over the long-term and shares his newest training tools such as his Endless Pool and riding indoors on rollers with Zwift. During each session he explains its importance, his mental thought process during the workout and exactly what he is doing.

For specific sessions in the video:

  • Pool training in the Endless Pool : 1:36
  • Roller riding – “cadence work” : 3:43
  • Evening run workout: 5:12

The evening run workout is one he last used before Ironman Florida in 2014. The workout is:

  • 4 x 5K w/ 3 min recovery between each
  • Time goals are 16:40 for each split