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VIDEO: Jenny Fletcher is excited to be home in Canada and racing at Challenge Penticton

Pro triathlete and full-time model Jenny Fletcher grew up in Alberta but has spent much of her life travelling around the world since getting scouted as a model at a young age. Despite her busy work schedule, she’s always had a love of triathlon and competes as a professional in mainly long course races. This weekend, she’s excited to be back in her home country and racing at Challenge Penticton as part of Canadian Multisport Nationals.

Her main goal for the race? “Enjoy it!” she tells TMC. Fletcher has planned her racing schedule around all her favourite international destination races this year, but says nothing compares to being home. Though she says the packed year has taken a toll on her overall fitness and she isn’t as race-ready as she’d like to be, she can’t wait for tomorrow’s long course race where her parents will be watching her and she’ll get the hometown support she often misses out on being gone for so long.

In our interview, Fletcher tells us about her whirlwind 2016 season and what it means to her to race in Canada.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/UGgHw6wrldg”]