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VIDEO: A first look at the CycleOps Hammer

Unboxing CycleOps's latest smart trainer.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/eAEtGgIRcrU”]

TMC unboxes the CycleOps Hammer — the brand’s high-end, power based, direct drive trainer.

The brand has used their decades of trainer development to create a trainer with a new virtual riding experience that “seamlessly integrates a variety of smart devices and is compatible with virtually every training application.”

According to CycleOps, the direct drive trainer has unparalleled bike and device compatibility, made possible through its flexible thru-axle options and integrated dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth technologies. This means triathletes can ride their bike of choice on the trainer with any program — Zwift, VirtualTraining, TrainerRoad and more.

The Hammer can replicate real-world inertia with its 20-pound, precision-balanced flywheel, and fast responding electromagnetic resistance. It provides rapid response resistance, maximum power and the sensation of rolling on smooth asphalt. Its robust design and direct frame-to-trainer contact allows the Hammer to stand up the strongest of riders, pushing up to 2000 watts at 32 kmph, and simulating grades up to 20%. For triathletes using virtual riding technology to simulate their next race’s bike course, the Hammer help make the experience as real as possible.

The Hammer sells for $1200 USD.