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VIDEO: Charles Paquet on his WTS debut

Post race interview with Charles Paquet following his first WTS race

At just 21 years old, Charles Paquet made his WTS debut this past weekend in Montreal, QC.

Paquet came out of the water in a large lead group and was aggressive early on in the bike. In the early stages of the 40K ride, lots of attacks would go without sticking. It wasn’t until halfway through the race that a four-man break would stay away. Paquet found himself part of that breakaway and went to work with one of the strongest riders on the circuit, Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR). The small group would work well together and stay away from the rest of the field.

Coming off the bike, Paquet and the other three would have a minute lead to the main group. In the run, Paquet wouldn’t have the legs to keep pace with some of the best runners in the world: Blummenfelt, Mario Mola or Jacob Britwhistle to name a few.

In the end, the Canadian would finish in 29th in his first WTS race. When he crossed the line, the crowd roared in appreciation for the Paquet’s effort and debut in his home province. Following his race, he spoke with Kevin Mackinnon, editor at Triathlon Magazine Canada about the experience.