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The triathlon gear we loved in 2017

Rounding up the products we relied on most in training and racing this year

There’s no shortage of new swim, bike and run gear coming out in triathlon every year, so at Triathlon Magazine Canada we’re testing new products in our own training year-round. Our editors have compiled lists of their favourites — items that have received our stamp of approval and become our “go-to” gear.

Here are my eight favourites of 2017:

CycleOps Hammer trainer

As a triathlete who does most of their riding indoors, it’s important to find a trainer that has the best of everything. I love the CycleOps Hammer because I found it had the most accurate power readings of any smart trainer I’ve tested, it was remarkably quiet (huge for an apartment-dweller) and compatible with all the training apps I liked to use like PerfPro studio and Zwift. Check out my full review here.

Blade 60/88 mm full carbon wheels

I raced on these wheels all summer and loved how lightweight and aero they are (they weight 1810 grams). These are the deepest option from the Canadian company, and I found they were stable riding in even the windiest of conditions. Fully customizable, you can order them to match your bike and full race kit — an important touch.

Skechers GoRun 5

I have been running in the GoRun 5 since it came out earlier this year. I like it better than the GoRun 4 — I found it hugged my foot a bit better and gave me a bit more structure and support while still maintaining the light weight and cushioned feel that made me love the GoRun 4 initially. The GoRun 5 is marketed as the running shoe that can take the most mileage and support you on your longer runs, but I found it was the perfect race shoe for sprints and Olympic races for me. It’s one of the only shoes that I can run in sockless (great for a fast transition, especially with the wide loop) and its highly responsive so it will help you get that fast speed you’re looking for on a 5K or 10K split. I’m looking forward to testing the GoRun 6 in the new year as this line of shoes seems to just keep getting better.

Castelli Free W Tri Short 

I got this pair of tri shorts in for review last year, and they remain my favourites to this day. They have a flattering fit, falling nicely on the thigh with a wide band that eliminates the “sausage” effect and along with the flatlock stitching lies comfortably on the skin. In all my testing, Castelli’s tri shorts have proven to be the most comfortable for me over short and long distances and the quality is incredible — mine have been through the wash hundreds of times and still look almost brand new and have retained their shape perfectly. I got them in the solid black colour and mix them up with my tri top of choice for most races, as not only are the most comfortable to ride in, the chamois is thin enough that you completely forget about it on the run. The Instadry Speed fabric dries very quickly and effective in wicking moisture away.

Smith Podium TT helmet

I raced in the Smith Podium TT all year. Out of four different aero helmets, it was the one that tested as the most aero (for me) in STAC Performance’s Virtual Wind Tunnel, which made it my number one choice for racing initially, but I stuck with it because it’s also the most lightweight I’ve tried and did a great job of keeping my head cool in scorching hot conditions with its AirEvac ventilation in the back — a honeycomb type of technology that provides The helmet comes with two visor options — clear or ChromaPop. Both are magnetic (so easily interchangeable) and keep your vision clear on the ride. Check out our full review here.

TriSwim shampoo/conditioner & foggies

As someone who swims five days a week it’s important to find a good shampoo and conditioner that can be used frequently and won’t damage my hair any more than the chlorine already does. TriSwim is gentle enough to use everyday, is effective in taking the green tint out of my blonde hair and leaves hair smooth and moisturized. I also love the brand’s foggies — you won’t have to worry about your goggles fogging up for sessions up to two hours with these. The gift set is a perfect Christmas present.




LG1 Sports Drink – lime flavour

This isn’t a new product, but it’s one that I discovered this year. You might not know that Garneau, the bike and cycling apparel company, makes nutrition products. They make a gel and a sports drink and the latter is my favourite electrolyte replenisher for long course training and racing. It’s not as sweet or strong flavoured as some sports drinks, and the taste is great. It comes in a tub or in individual packets that can easily be stuffed in a jersey pocket to take on the go.

Race: Toronto Triathlon Festival

Racing in my home city has an extra special feel, and Toronto is the perfect city to host a triathlon — I love riding on the closed down Gardiner Highway and Don Valley Parkway, passing iconic landmarks like the CN Tower and high rise buildings. I had so much at TTF’s Club Challenge this year with my triathlon club. Registration for 2018 is now open — I’ve made sure to put this one on my calendar again for next year.