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Triathlon Fashion Files: Betty Designs

Each month, TMC showcases a women’s triathlon brand with gear we love in our new Fashion Files column. 

In a market lacking feminine and fashionable gear options, California’s Betty Designs has become known for its colourful and functional triathlon wear. Triathlete and graphic designer Kristin Mayer combines her years of experience in the sports industry with her own creative eye to design fresh and unique women’s apparel. With running, cycling and swimming pieces as well as triathlon kits, the company has options for all your training and racing needs in colour schemes from simple, sleek black to feminine florals.

Little Black Bra and Garden Party shorts
Little Black Bra and Garden Party shorts

The brand has exploded in popularity over the last few years, attracting triathletes around the world including age-groupers and elites alike. Canadian pros Magali Tissyere and Madi Serpico are sponsored by Betty Designs and wear the kits in training and racing. But it’s not just the pros who have become converts.

“I am a huge Betty fan and have an extensive collection of Betty triathlon and cycling kits,” says Oakville triathlete and cyclist Averil Wiley. “The Betty kits are the perfect combination of fashion, fit and performance. I feel and look my best when I go for a ride or compete in a triathlon and that’s what I want. I love that it stands out at races and that it is different than any of the other designs out there. The colours are bright and fun. In terms of performance its design is specific for women and it really makes a difference. The shorts are just the right length – they don’t ride up my thigh and the fabric does not slide on the seat so there is no discomfort (as I find with some of my other “non-Betty” shorts).”

When testing out gear from Betty Designs, we here at TMC were impressed with the two-piece tri suit’s comfort and flattering fit. The new Bloom design is perfect for spring and summer racing. We also found like Wiley, that unlike many options out there, the Betty Designs shorts fit nicely on the leg without compromising any of the features we would normally look for. The ProGrip leg band keeps the shorts snug while riding and running, while the minimal, flat lock stitching lies nicely against the skin, helping to prevent chafing. The chamois in the tri shorts features a women’s specific carbon pad that’s comfortable for hours on the bike and doesn’t feel bulky on the run.

Bloom triathlon top and shorts

The tri suit is made from a unique, high-quality compression fabric that’s breathable, moisture-repellant and still looks brand new after months of wear. There are one-piece and two-piece options available.

We spoke to age-grouper Laura Burberry, an ambassador for Betty Designs, about why she loves the company.
“I discovered Betty Designs six years ago. I am that athlete that loves to look good and race fast. My favourite colour is bright pink and the very first kit I bought from Betty was their signature kit which was pink and white — it’s still my favourite to this day.

I am now part of the Team Betty ambassador program. The team is amazing, the girls are so supportive of one another and Betty Designs has really done a great job of creating a community in the women’s triathlon world. We have girls all over the world with the same passion and love for the sport and being “badass and beautiful”, Betty’s motto.

In one week I get to put my team kit on for the first race of the season and I am really excited about it!”

[shareprints gallery_id=”16655″ gallery_type=”masonry” gallery_position=”pos_center” gallery_width=”width_100″ image_size=”small” image_padding=”0″ theme=”dark” image_hover=”false” lightbox_type=”slide” titles=”true” captions=”true” descriptions=”true” comments=”true” sharing=”true”]Magali Tisseyre has been a devout Betty Designs fan for years and loves the brand for its “sporty yet feminine” flare. She races in the same style of kit each year, which is the one-piece tri suit available in each of the brand’s pattern on their website.

Tisseyre loves the design of the one-piece suit because online many out there, it has a covered back.

“I’ve been racing triathlons long enough to know that you can get a really bad sunburn on your back sometime. This race kit is pretty much sunburn proof. It’s also good for hot races because you have the option of unzipping it.”

Check out Tisseyre’s trip to pick up her 2016 Betty Designs race kit.