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Triathlon Canada announces new qualification process for age-group worlds team

Besides earning a top finish at a qualifying event, Canadian triathletes can also qualify through purchasing charity slots to ITU world championships.

For age group triathletes interested in qualifying for the ITU World Championships, Triathlon Canada has released information about a new qualification process to begin in 2018.

The 2018 season, during which athletes compete for spots for the 2019 world championships, offers athletes two ways to qualify:

1. Qualification at a Designated Qualifying Event

Who Qualifies: Athletes who have earned an automatic qualifier spot at a Triathlon Canada sanctioned qualification event and meet the eligibility criteria listed below. For example, if an event has 3 qualifying spots per age group, the top 3 athletes of each gender with a valid annual provincial and Triathlon Canada membership for each age-adjusted age category are qualifiers (as long as they meet the basic criteria below). Athletes must be a Triathlon Canada Member PRIOR to the qualification event.

How to Register: Registration is available upon verification of automatic qualification. Results will be provided to Triathlon Canada by the Local Organizing Committee through the National Triathlon Registration System. The automatic qualifier will receive an email from Triathlon Canada with a link to complete their World Championship registration.

NOTE: Athletes that automatically qualify will be given the information needed to register as soon as their eligibility is verified. Please allow one month following each race due to the administration time necessary. If you do not receive notification by one month post qualifying event, please contact agegroupteams@triathloncanada.com as the email may not have reached you.

2.  Purchase of a Charity Entry (Limited Entries, in Available Age Groups Only)

Who Qualifies: Registration for these spots will open in the fall subject to when the last qualification race is held and final automatic spots are allocated (1 month after the last event). Charity entries will be restricted to a maximum of 35 entries, made up of unclaimed spots in available age categories. Athletes must meet the criteria listed in the eligibility section below in order to purchase a Charity Entry.

How to Register: Register via the Triathlon Canada website. Selection of athletes to the Team through this program is on a first-come, first-served basis, as determined by receipt of fully completed registration confirmation documents by Triathlon Canada. Proceeds from Charity entries will go towards supporting the National Development Team and Kids In Triathlon Canada (KITCAN)programs. Charitable receipts will be provided for these entries. There will be an optional fundraising element included, with prize packages for top fundraisers.

Full information on how to qualify, including dates and events, is available here.