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The top Canadians at IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant

Top results from the professionals to age groupers

The Canadian triathletes came in full force this weekend at IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant. Cody Beals, a native of Guelph, ON, won in his debut race and Lionel Sanders joined him on the podium in second. Then local triathlete, Antoine Desroches finished an impressive fourth, three minutes behind third-place finisher Matt Russell. Canada’s top female triathlete was Valerie Belanger – she finished in fifth.

Canada’s top age group finishers were;

18-24: Michele Studhalter (2nd) Sierra Skoropada (3rd),  and Samuel Roy (1st)

25-29: Lara Chow (1st) and Vincent Blais (3rd)

30-34: Julia Wilkes (4th) and Ryan Brown (2nd)

35-39: Judy-Ann Parke (4th) and Cedric Boily (1st)

40-44: Caroline Longchamp (2nd) and Alex Boule (1st)

45-49: Christine Fletcher (1st) and Nigel Gray (1st)

50-54: Anne Banfield (3rd) and Pierre Heynemand (1st)

55-59: Linda Lafrance (1st) and Tony Okeefe (1st)

60-64: Carol Elliot (1st) and Carol Montreuil (3rd)

65-69: Ann Hayes (1st) and Claude Skeene (1st)

70-74: Maureen Lanuke (1st) and Michael Hatch (1st)

75-79: Roger Barker (1st)