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Time Trial Tuesday: Israman fliers

It’s one of the most challenging triathlon events in the world. Set in Eilat, Israel, the Israman Triathlon offers both full- and half-distance races. After swimming in the Red Sea, both races offer a challenging bike ride that begins with a long, 20+ km climb into the mountains. Today, in celebration of Time Trial Tuesday, some bike photos from last year’s race:

The climb up into the Eilat mountains marks the start of the challenging Israman course.

Photos: Kevin Mackinnon

Italy’s Massimo Cigana.


Italy’s Martina Dogana won the half-distance race.
At the top of the climb things don’t get a whole lot easier – there’s still lots of climbing for the athletes in both races.
Antonia Reznikov won the women’s full-distance race.
Christian Alstadt won the men’s full-distance race.
Israel’s own Hadas Mazar took second in the women’s half-distance race.
Thumbs up from Evert Scheltinga.