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Time Trial Tuesday: David McNamee’s P5 Disc

David McNamee on the bike at Challenge Roth in 2019. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

After two years of finishing third at the Ironman World Championship, David McNamee has both proven that he’s becoming a routine contender for a top finish on the Big Island, and also that he’s getting hungrier every year to move up a spot or two on the podium.

After finishing on the podium twice riding Cervelo’s P5X, McNamee will be riding the new P5 Disc this year in Kona. In August he hit the wind tunnel with Jean Paul Ballard (one of the founders of Swiss Side who consults with DT Swiss) to dial in his position and eke out a few more watts of power for Kona this year.

McNamee on the bike at Challenge Roth. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

McNamee’s P5 Disc is modified slightly in that he’s using the new Speed Bar extensions rather than the stock extensions that come on the P5.

According to an instagram post from a few weeks ago, McNamee was on his way to pick up the bike he’ll be riding in Kona. We’ll be anxious to see if there are any other modifications to his Kona race machine (other than a spoked rear wheel – discs aren’t allowed at the Ironman World Championship).