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Ten training in the heat hacks

Training in the heat can be tough, but it doesn't have to be

In Canada, we are deep into a sweltering summer. Across the country, record highs are being reached, making training and racing difficult. The good news is that the more you do train in the heat, the more effective your body comes at adapting. That said, it is essential to plan out your training when it’s hot outside. Here are ten hacks to make training in the heat a bit easier.

  1. Now is the time to work on your swim. It’s boiling out, the middle of the day and you are looking to get in a solid lunch break workout. Go to the pool. You get to cool off and work on your swim.
  2. Head out early. On those really hot humid days, it’s probably best to get your training done in the early morning.
  3. Wear a hat. Using a hat is an easy way to keep the sun off your face. Sport some cool shades at the same time, and you’re set.
  4. This one is obvious, but sunscreen.
  5. Plan your training around a central point. For example, make your run a looped course. That way you pass one point multiple times, and you can store water on the road.
  6. Use ice. Packing some ice in a cooler and stashing it on a run route is a good idea. Halfway through your run, you can then put the ice in your hat. This will help keep your head and body cool.
  7. Take care of yourself. In the heat you sweat more, so make sure you apply body glide to any irritation areas. You will be happy you did.
  8. Make sure you plan your nutrition. Making sure you are eating and replenishing your muscles is important. Don’t just have your typical granola sports bar, but add some chips or pretzels. The salt on these products is what you need to keep you going.
  9. Put something in your water. Staying hydrated is critical, but drinking just water could be detrimental. When training you are sweating out electrolytes, so make sure you have some electrolyte mix beforehand, during and after to keep topped up.
  10. Cooldown. After your workout, make sure you cool off. Do a proper cool down, where you bring your heart rate down. Then jump in a pool or have a nice cool shower.