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Taylor Reid after 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships

Reid says, "I felt like I was competing this year, whereas last year I was just surviving."

Our post-race interview with Canadian Taylor Reid who finished in 20th at the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championship today.

KM: How was your race today?

TR: It was tough. Probably not the perfect race, came in a little injured but I gave it everything. I had an OK swim, did a really hard bike and caught the second group which I was happy with. I went to the front of that group, controlled it a little but on the last 10 to 20 kilometres, and then ran as well as I could. The uphills really hurt so sadly I got picked off by our two Canadian boys (Brent McMahon, 18th and Jackson Laundry, 19th) at the very end, not super happy about that but that’s racing and I’ll be back at it soon.

KM: So what’s next for you?

TR: I’ll go to (Ironman 70.3) Cozumel in basically two weeks. A little bit flatter — seemed like my knee was hurting me on the uphills so any flat stuff I should be able to run through a lot better. Looking forward to that.

KM: What was it like out there — stacked field!

TR: Yes, really strong field. Obviously at world championships that’s expected. I’m happy with the overall results I guess, I took about 10 places off of last year so moving in the right direction and I felt like I was racing this year whereas last year I was surviving. A little bit more mature and no actual bad luck — just not the perfect race.