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Surprise, surprise … England wins the mixed relay at the Commonwealth Games

Recapping the always exciting mixed relay in words and pictures

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

That England took the day was hardly a surprise, but the mixed relay at the Commonwealth Games turned out to be a disappointment for team Canada, who would take sixth, struggling to get to the line ahead of Bermuda. Some images from the day that provided some exciting race despite the lopsided result:

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Alex Yee’s intentions are clear even before the start of the race – he’s going to put England ahead at the end of the first leg.
South Africa’s Jamie Riddell got the jump off the start on the rest of the men.
A tough day for Tyler Mislawchuk, who came out of the water in third, but would miss the breakaway group and struggle through the bike and run.
Emy Legault found herself trying to stay close to a speedy Flora Duffy.
Flora Duffy flies through the bike to put Team Bermuda ahead of Canada at the end of the second leg.
Bermuda’s Tyler Butterfield gets started on the bike.
Charles Paquet managed to get on Bermuda’s Tyler Butterfield’s wheel, then outrun him to give Canada a bit of a cushion heading into the final leg.
Giving Georgia Taylor-Brown a lead pretty much guarantees the win …
Which she delivered …
Non Stanford sprints to the line to earn Wales the silver medal.