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Strava’s year in stats

There were some memorable moments and activities uploaded to Strava in 2016. See the social media platform’s breakdown of the year in stats.


Strava is one of the more popular applications for triathletes and endurance athletes.

Users can automatically upload training to the app, available on mobile and on desktop, from their GPS device for others to see. It’s similar to other social media apps in that you can follow friends, family and others all while keeping a tab on your own training.

The platform also provides fans of the sport the chance to follow some of the world’s best in their racing in training. Canadian Cody Beals has developed a large Strava following, while segments from iconic races (such as German Patrick Lange’s record-breaking marathon in Kona) provide detailed glimpses into every kilometre and minute of a race.


Combined, Strava users, which supports activities such as running, cycling, swimming, skiing and more, covered 6.8 billion kilometres in 2016 thanks to 304 million uploaded activities. As 2016 comes to a close, the people at Strava have created a year in stats that looks at some of the memorable moments, activities and milestones uploaded from the past 12 months.

Strava’s year in stats

One: Olympic gold medal

The most liked activity of 2016 was from the Olympic Games. Cyclist Greg Van Avermaet tracked his race in Rio and uploaded his gold medal-winning ride. The post has received more than 14,000 “kudos,” which is equivalent to Facebook’s “likes.”

Two: Athletes get engaged

There were two athletes who got engaged and posted the special moment to Strava for the world to see. The 15.3K run in San Francisco was entitled – you guessed it – “will you marry me?”


Four: Athletes who attempted runs across the United States

Pete Kostelnick set a new trans-America record averaging 115K per day in his run across the United States. Meanwhile, Jason Romero, who is blind, averaged 84K per day on his cross-continent run.

9.6: Activities shared on Strava every second in 2016


26.9: Per cent of activities done in groups

The largest group activity of the year on Strava was the London Marathon.

40: Number of users who uploaded every day in 2016

450,930: Activities tagged as a “running race” in 2016

1.3 billion: Total amount of kudos given in 2016

85 minutes and 8 seconds: Mary Kate Callahan’s combined swimbike and run winning time in the paratriathlete division of the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Yokohama, Japan.

You can see the full year in stats from Strava here. Strava users have the option to create their own year in stats page. That link can be found here.