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Social media channels you should follow during Kona race week

The Youtube channels, podcasts and Instagram accounts you should follow for great content at the 2017 Ironman World Championship.

There’s never a shortage of great content on social media during the week leading up to the Ironman World Championship. For all the best coverage on your favourite pro athletes, the buzz around Ali’i Drive and all things Kona, here are some great social media accounts you should be checking out next week:

Youtube — Triathlon Taren

Canadian vlogger Taren Gesell will be keeping up his daily videos in Kona, and promises some fun and unique content that’s not just centred around the pros.

Youtube — Talbot Cox

Videographer Talbot Cox has a daily video series right now he’s working on right now. His “24 hour with” series follows around a different pro everyday in their final training before the race. Check out his video with Lionel Sanders  for a taste of his style. His Instagram page also has great daily shots from his shooting sessions.

Youtube — Breakfast with Bob

For the most in-depth video interviews with the pros, Breakfast with Bob is the channel to head to. He posted his schedules on his website.

Podcast — IronWomen

Former pro Sara Gross and Ashley Wiles, an advocate for women in sports, are in Kona producing women-specific content all week. They have live video interviews up on their Facebook page and create podcasts that can be listed to on Soundcloud and similar platforms as well. For the most in-depth coverage of the women’s race in Kona, this is your go-to.

Podcast — TRS Triathlon

TRS brings the great content year-round that no one else will. If you haven’t listened to their podcast or followed them on Twitter, you’re missing out.

Instagram — Nils Nilsen

Photographer Nils Nilsen is another great one to follow for regular photos. He’s also the director of photography for Roka, a brand who always delivers great content on their Instagram page.

Instagram — Paul Phillips

Paul will be in Kona producing regular galleries all week from the major events (underpants run, Parade of Nations, etc.). He’ll also be providing TMC‘s race galleries from the pro race on Oct. 14th.

Instagram — Triathlon Magazine Canada

Our team is in Kona and we promise to bring you great Instagram content all race week. We’ll also have interviews, galleries, and videos up here on the website everyday, too.

Instagram: Pro athletes, brand and hashtags

The Ironman World Championship race week is a time when all competing pro athletes and triathlon brands really bring their A-game on social media. There are also some key hashtags you can search on Instagram for regular content at the Ironman World Championship (including live race posts):