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Sarasota Paratriathlon Champs & CAMTRI Cup | Top Canadian results

The Sarasota-Bradenton CAMTRI North American Championships and Paratriathlon Championships took place over the weekend, hosting a total of eight different races for elite, junior and paratriathletes.

Paratriathlete Jessica Tuomela was the top Canadian, winning her race in the women’s PTVI (visually impaired) category.

“We had a lot of ‘firsts’ today,” she told Triathlon Canada after the race. “First race of the season, first race together and we came in first place. You couldn’t ask for much more than that! It’s nice to see the our hard efforts in training translating well into racing. So excited for the season ahead!”

Here are the Canadian results including top Canadian placings in each race.

Paratriathlon American Championships

Women PTS5 

2. Kamylle Frenette (1:06:42)


2. Jon Dunkerley B1 (1:03:01)

Women PTVI

1. Jessica Tuomela B1 (1:08:19)

CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup and North American Championships

Elite Men

5. Taylor Forbes (51:50)

Elite Women

15. Fany Mainville (1:04:08)

U23 Men

2. Charles Paquet (52:04)

U23 Women

6. Fany Mainville (1:04:08)

Junior Men

2. Tate Haugan (55:02)

Junior Women

9. Ella Kubas (1:01:35)