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Sanders and Findlay lead Canadians in PTO standings

Based on the current Professional Triathletes Organisation standings, Lionel Sanders, Paula Findlay and Cody Beals would receive automatic selection to compete in the Collins Cup in May.

This weekends announcement of the $2 million Collins Cup race to be held in May has marked a huge boost for the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO). Based on the current standings, three Canadians would be automatically selected to the Internationals squad to compete in Samorin.

Paula Findlay and Lionel Sanders celebrate at the finish line set up in Daytona International Speedway’s iconic pit row. Photo: Jose Luis Hourcade.

Earlier this week we learned that the PTO had found a financial partner to help make the long-awaited Collins Cup a reality. The race will take place in Samorin, Slovakia in May as part of the Challenge Championship weekend.

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The 12-member teams that will represent the United States, Europe and Internationals will be selected through a combination of automatic qualifying berths based on the PTO rankings (eight spots), with the last four being picked by the non-athlete members of the PTO board based on selections by the team captains. Two of those team captains are Canadian – Lisa Bentley and Simon Whitfield.

Jan Frodeno currently sits at the top of the PTO standings. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

Leading the way in the PTO Standings right now are Daniela Ryf and Jan Frodeno, with Lucy Charles-Barclay and Alistair Brownlee in second, and Sarah Crowley and Sebastian Kienle in third.

Daniela Ryf celebrates her fifth Ironman 70.3 world title. She is currently at the top of the PTO standings. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

A number of Canadians are in the mix for a Collins Cup berth based on the current PTO standings, including three who would receive automatic selection:

Lionel Sanders, despite an injury-plagued 2019 season, sits in fourth overall in the standings and is the top-ranked International.

Paula Findlay sits at 15th overall and is the fourth-ranked International.

Cody Beals, who also struggled a bit last season with injury and mechanical issues, is 21st overall and sixth International.

Other Canadians who  sit in the top 100 include:

Jen Annett, 41st overall and 11th International

Angela Naeth, 52nd overall and 13th International

Melanie McQuaid, 67th overall and 15th International

Rachel McBride, 82nd overall and 18th International

Jackson Laundry, 50th overall and 16th International

Brent McMahon, 59th overall and 20th International

Taylor Reid, 71st overall and 24th International

Stephen Kilshaw, 96th overall and 29th International