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Russia dominates ITU Winter World Championships

Pavel Andreev took his eighth world title, while Daria Rogozina led another Russian podium sweep at this weekend’s ITU Winter Triathlon World Championships in Asiago, Italy.

Daria Rogozina takes the ITU Winter World Triathlon Championships

Rogozina skis to the win

Norway’s Marte Katrine Myhre led the women through the opening 7.06 km run, but Russia’s Yulia Surikova used a speedy transition to get on the bike first and lead the way out onto the 17 km bike course. Surikova continued to lead the way through T2, with Rogozina and countrywoman Anna Medvedeva not far behind.

Last year Rogozina won the world title as a U23 athlete, this year she topped the field once again in her first year as an elite. Medvedeva, in her first worlds, took the silver, leaving Surikova to round out the podium. Another Russion, Svetlana Sokolova, was fourth, taking the U23 world title.

Women’s results can be found here.

ITU Winter World Triathlon Championships

Eight is great for Andreev

Russia’s Dmitriy Bregeda and Italy’s Franco Pesavento pushed the pace on the opening run, and it was Bregeda who was the most aggressive on the hills during the bike, but the Czech Republic’s Marek Rauchfuss made a big move on the bike, leading the Russians, including Andreev, into T2 by 50 seconds. Andreev used his masterful ski ability to gradually make up time on Rauchfuss, passing him with 500 m to go to take his eighth winter world title. Bregeda rounded out the podium.

Men’s results can be found here.

Russia dominates 2×2 relay

This will come as a monstrous surprise, I’m sure – after their impressive performance in the individual race, Russia took the first two spots in the 2×2 relay, with the pairs of Andreev and Medvedeva, along with Bregeda and Surikova. Italy took the silver medal in the world title, while the Czech Republic took bronze.

Relay results can be found here.