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Running in the golden hour

Take this time to be, be you, enjoy running again and feel free from the stresses of this world.

The longest day of the year is quickly approaching, the summer solstice. As the sun stays out a little bit longer each day, it makes for picturesque runs after work.

Running in the Rouge trail system in Ontario.

You’ve seen it as you make your way home from work, its 5 pm and the sun is still well above the horizon. And it stays out even longer as you watch the evening news at 9 pm and just before you hit the sack at 10 pm the sun finally dips below the horizon.

Running at Lions Lookout in Huntsville, Ontario.

Why not take this extra daylight time to enjoy the cooling evening temperatures and go for a run in the golden hour. It doesn’t have to be a killer workout, a tempo or long run; it can just be for the pleasure of running. From 6 pm to 9 hours sunset, the colours are stunning. After staring at a screen all day the scenery is a welcoming sight.

Breakway from the busyness of the local traffic and cut through the trails, get some dirt on those kicks, watch the setting sun light up the leaves, and be part of nature. Catch the watchful eye of a wandering deer before it gallops off into the woods. Be present in the moment, and in awe of the beauty that surrounds us. Check out from screens, notifications, buzzers, alarms and to-dos, and have fun.

When was the last time someone said that to you? As triathletes, even as the average nine to five worker, we are conditioned to reading numbers, performing and expecting results. Now there is nothing wrong with this per se, but what happens when this becomes your everything? What if you had structured boundaries between work and pleasure. What if your run gave you pleasure? Why not have one run in your week where you didn’t have performance targets?

Running in the trails at Grouse Mountain in B.C.

Take this time to be, be you, enjoy running and feel free from the stresses of this world. Here are a few tips:

  • Plan: plan your run after work. Set your shoes at the door when you get home, so once you get home you change and are back out.
  • Turn off: as triathletes, we are guilty of looking at numbers, split times, etc., turn these off, just run.
  • Trails: most triathlons are on pavement, most of us train on pavement or run circles on a track. Change it up, scope out some trails nearby or on the way to work.

Happy training and enjoy running in the golden hour.

Running along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail in Penticton, B.C.