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Gomez, Murray and Brownlee headline this weekend’s Super League Triathlon

Unique format triathlon racing featuring the top athletes in the world, widely accessible TV coverage and impressive prize purses make the Super League Triathlon, which kicks off this weekend, the next big thing to happen in our sport.

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Super League Triathlon is the latest innovation of our sport’s racing scene and kicks off this weekend. Co-founded by Chris “Macca” McCormack, the series comprises TV-friendly sprint distance races pitting the world’s best against each other for a share of the impressive $200,000 prize purse. The league was announced in February and so far there’s only a men’s race but in interviews, Macca has suggested there will be a women’s race in the future. The impressive crew has arrived in at their first destination — Australia’s Hamilton Island — for the first round of five weekends of racing from March to October.

25 Top athletes

Macca has selected the best of the best for this event, and that includes a handful of Olympians and multiple world champions among the 25 talented men racing this weekend.

The stars of the group are Javier Gomez, Alistair Brownlee (Jonny will race in the league as well but is out this round due to injury), Richard Murray and Mario Mola.

While Tyler Mislawchuk had to turn down an offer to compete in the league this year due to injury, Canada’s Brent McMahon will line up this weekend.

The full line up can be found here.

Unique format

What makes Super League Triathlon innovative is its format. Macca says the goal with Super League Triathlon is to break away from the norm of the sport and “do everything differently.”

To that end, this first race will be a three-day mixed format: the triple mix (short swim-bike-run, run-bike-swim, bike-swim-run races with 10-minute breaks in between), the equalizer (an individual bike TT, followed by a pursuit swim-run-swim-bike-run based on time differences), and the eliminator (three short rounds with the bottom athletes eliminated each time).

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Aiming to make the sport as spectator-friendly as possible, Super League Triathlon will be live-televised by several networks including Eurosports, Fox Live, Sky and Alisports.

You can also watch the racing for free on Super League Triathlon’s website. Event take place Friday March 17th, Saturday March 18th and Sunday March 19th at 4:30 PM on Australian Eastern Standard time.

You can get regular and live updates on the Super League Triathlon Facebook page.