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Post-race conversation with bronze medallist Heather Wurtele

Wurtele placed third at yesterday's ITU Long Distance World Championship.

Kevin Mackinnon: Congratulations Heather, you’re on another podium at a world championship, you’re getting good at this!

Heather Wurtele: Thanks Kevin, I really would like to be on top of the podium one of these days… but I really fought hard and gave it all i had and Sarah (Crowley) just had an incredible performance so kudos to her, we both were really strong on the bike taking turns on the front riding strong… I just gave it all I had and that’s all you can do at the end of the day.

KM: It looked like you were staying close to Sarah early on in the run.

HW: Yeah, I thought she was going a little hard. I was unsure of the pacing for 30K. I didn’t want to blow up going at max 70.3 pace at the beginning so I thought maybe she’d pull back. I kept going at a pace that I thought was sustainable and then picked it up when I thought Helle (Fredrickson) was within reach but it was really all I had today.

KM: What was it like… the hometown crowd?

HW: It was brilliant. The Canadian support on course, I felt like everyone was cheering my name… I mean, we’re from Kelowna and just really familiar with the Penticton area. It definitely felt like on the bike I was getting ahead on the downhills because I sort of knew where I was going. Okanagan Valley is a gorgeous place. I’m so fortunate to get to do Long Course Worlds on home soil and with the great community here. All in all, it was a great day.

KM: I met your dad just before the start. It must have been fun having [your parents] here, you don’t get that opportunity too often.

HW: No, my parents don’t get to see me race that often, especially because we were in Europe this summer. Lots of friends and family were down here, so that’s really fun.

KM: Finally, you’re getting ready for Chattanooga in two weeks. 

HW: That’s right. I felt like my training block was set up to do these two races, so we’ll keep the fitness rolling and have a good one there. Hopefully on the podium again!