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The perfect shoebox for triathletes to neatly store running footwear in

Have shoes lying around the house? Footwear piling up creating a clutter? This runner-friendly shoe box storage system may be of interest.

Triathletes with lots of running shoes will know the struggle of trying to store them in an efficient way.

After reaching the footwear’s life expectancy, some may opt to keep the shoes for other purposes and that may lead to a clustered closet or shoe rack. If only there was a runner-friendly storage system for all, including running, footwear. Enter the oversized shoe box turned storage container.

The shoe boxes in the featured video are Nike- or Air Jordan-branded and includes multiple layers of shoe storage capability. A hidden drawer tucks away so the shoe box is available to open and close for easy access. The designs have received widespread attention on Facebook as the video has been seen more than eight million times, fuelled by the 126,000 shares.

Here’s another example of a hand-made storage system with a shoe box design.

Though the boxes appear to be custom-made rather than available for retail, one man has provided step-by-step instructions on how he designed and created a 42” x 27” x 22” box, which holds 11 pairs of shoes. He used almost three litres of paint to decorate the box.

Alternatively, if you have an abundance of shoes lying around that are still in relatively good condition, consider donating them to a local organization.