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Penticton’s 2017 Multisport World Championships to feature new AquaBike event

Jen Annett

For the first time ever, Aquabike will be contested at the ITU world championship level next August in Penticton at the 2017 ITU Multisport World Championships. A race that combines long distance swimming and biking, adding Aquabike to the festival lineup offers age group athletes the opportunity to earn another world title at one world championship event in the Canadian triathlon mecca of Penticton during the week of August 18 to 27, 2017.

“The multisport world continues to grow at an incredible rate,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “Offering multisport races like Aquabike promotes the growth of triathlon worldwide, as it makes the sport accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities no matter where they are.”

For triathletes suffering running-related injuries, events like Aquabike mean your race season doesn’t have to end early.

“We are thrilled to be adding Aquabike world championships to the docket at ITU Multisport World Championships in Penticton next August. The addition of Aquabike means the Multisport World Championships is truly complete, with five World Championship events,” said race executive director Michael Brown.

Aquabike joins the world championship event in addition to Duathlon, Aquathlon (swim and run), Cross Triathlon, and Long Distance Triathlon. The Aquabike race will see athletes swim 3km followed by 120 km bike, mirroring the length of the Long Distance Triathlon. The finish line will be right after the second transition, with athletes racking their bikes at a second transition, and then sprinting to cross the finish line.

The 10-day Multisport is expected to see more than 7,000 age groupers race in the heart of the city, with the epicenter being along the beachfront of Okanagan Lake and Okanagan Lake Park. The spectator friendly courses will feature a variety of terrain and include some of the area’s many vistas, wineries and landmarks, as well as the downtown area.

All participants and visitors will enjoy a full week of triathlon action, as well as concerts, street dance, race expo, parade of nations, kids races and awards presentations.

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For more information on ITU Multisport World Championship Festival, check www.penticton2017.com