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Operation Ironaid Face Masks repurposes new and unused shirts to create face masks

More than 50,000 new and unused shirts will be turned into 500,000 non-sterile face masks.

The Ironman Foundation, Framebridge and Good360 have partnered for Operation Ironaid Face Masks to “bring non-sterile face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to first responders, hospitals and other organizations in need across the nation.”

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The brands plan to repurpose 50,000 new and unused shirts into 500,000 non-sterile face masks and support the production of 100,000 acrylic face shields.

The first round of donations will see 7,500 non-sterile masks and 7,500 acrylic face shields donated to the Professional Firefighters of Arizona. The Ironman Foundation will also send 5,000 non-sterile face masks for distribution to the City of San Francisco for distribution to the city’s vulnerable populations.

Framebridge, a company that makes custom picture frames, transformed its facility in Lexington, Kentucky from making frames to non-sterile face masks with the shirts provided by the Ironman Foundation. They will also be making acrylic face shields. Framebridge will make 15,000 non-sterile masks a week.

Good360 will manage logistics and transportation of the shirts to the Framebridge facility and then to first responders and hospitals.

According to a release sent out today:

“The Ironman Foundation is also accepting donations of sterile masks to be used as PPE for distribution through the Operation Ironaid Face Masks program. Race operators and organizations with new and unused race shirts are encouraged to donate these items to the Ironman Foundation to be made into non-sterile face masks and distributed to help keep at-risk individuals safe.
In addition to Operation Ironaid Face Masks, the Ironman Foundation has expanded its Ironaid program to include the Ironaid COVID-19 pandemic Support Fund. To date, over $160,000 has been raised and will go towards providing grants to health-related nonprofit organizations around the world who have launched COVID-19 pandemic response programs.”

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